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With our new state of the art Roto-Molding machine we are able to bring to you a large range of tanks and other products.   With our specific design of tanks you can have them delivered as one piece units or for larger orders our tanks are made to be stackable for easy transportation.  You will be able to fit as many as 20 tanks on a single semi trailer.

Our current range includes:

  • 9000 ltr water tank
  • 4500 ltr water tank
  • 7 man septic tanks
  • 250 ltr header tanks
  • Bush Toilets

Coming Soon

  • 70 litre Ice Box ( Eskie)
  • 100 litre Ice Box (Eskie)
  • Rubbish bins
  • Patrol Boxes

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email: hardware@gilsenanmelpa.com
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